Having gained valuable experience from working for 25 years as an in-house translator for an internationally operating accounting, business advisory and law firm I have specialised in translating the following types of documents: AUDIT, ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADVISORY and COMPANY LAW: long-form reports on the audit of (consolidated) annual financial statements, annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes, management report), manuals and documents on group accounting (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP), audit questionnaires and other working papers used in group audits, offers and agreements for audit and advisory services, directors' reports, minutes of meetings, shareholders resolutions, articles/memorandum of association, bylaws, licence agreements, profit transfer agreements, reports on the audit of EU projects, due diligence reports, commercial correspondence, powers of attorney, letters of subordination, TAXATION, BOOK-KEEPING and PAYROLL:  double taxation, international tax planning, reorganisation, corporate taxation issues (establishment, termination, transformation), fiscal registration, VAT recovery and other national and international VAT issues, transfer pricing documentation, permanent establishment issues, profit distribution, comments on German tax laws, tax returns, tax assessments, secondments (labour law, social security, wage tax), annual accounts, charts of accounts, comments on legal requirements

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